product condition guidelines

Grade A

The product should be sealed in its original box with the pull tabs on the box in place

The box should be in very good condition and in the latest manufacturers style of box (HP toners are in black and white boxes. The blue and white boxes are older style boxes and are classes as B grade)

The box should be free from any damage, labels, scuffs, tape, dents or pen marks

If the product is an ink then the ink must have a minimum of 3 month left before its expiry date

Grade B

The product should be in its original box and the box sealed

The box may be in the newer style packaging but with some type of damage to the box which may include dents, labels, writing, tape or may have scuffs

The box maybe in the older style manufacturers packaging and maybe in either very good condition or may have some level of damage including dents, labels, writing, tape or may have scuffs

For inks the product will be required to be in a sealed box however the box maybe defected and the expiry date may have less than 3 months of date left on the item or the item may have already expired

Grade C

The product can be in an open box or the with no box

For toners the internal packaging can be opened and the bag can be removed. This is acceptable

For toners the original pull tabs must be in place and not have been removed or damaged

There should be no physical damage including cracks, scratches , scuffs or marks on the item

If the item is an inkjet then the box can be open or removed however the internal packaging will need to be sealed