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Are you looking to recycle your phone with a reputable recycling company who will offer cash to take them off your hands- Well you have come to the right place. Cartridge Recycling are one of the largest recycling organizations in Europe and unlike most competitors offer physical cash in return for any electronic mobiles such as mobile phones. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 20 years you will know that mobile phones have become an everyday essential allowing us to connect with family and friends. As great as they are when you upgrade to a newer phone you can sometimes feel that a lot of money is sitting in your draw in the form of an older device.

Whether it be an Apple Phone, a Samsung Phone or almost any other brand of mobile phone you can be sure that cartridge recycling will take the phone of your hands.

Easy as 3 Easy Steps

Cartridge Recycling UK makes it easy to sell and recycle your surplus mobile phone – whether it’s a box of top-of-the-line apple phones or an old blackberry that’s been around for ten years!

Tell Us What You Have

Check the details on your smart phone. Follow the easy steps to complete our online form or call for a free quote.

We Will Quote You

We’ll quote a price we can offer to pay, by email – usually within hours. If you’re happy with it, you just click to confirm and provide some collection & payment details.

We Collect & Pay

Pack your phone ready for our free collection. We will then make payment to you within 24 hours of receiving the goods

Frequently Asked Questions

In the process of discarding and burning cell phones, toxic metals are released into the environment, polluting it. Even when they are not burned, they end up in the soil, contaminating water resources. Therefore using a reliable source like Cartridge Recyclings has the benefit of keeping the environment safe but also lining your pockets with cash – It’s a win-win.
It depends. If the phone is in good condition and it is evaluated that it has plenty more life to give then we will send it off for refurbishment where we can then source it for resale. However, if the phone is on its last legs we will send it a specialist recycling plant where over 80% of all the material can be recycled and the rest disposed of in the most appropriate manner.
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