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Tips When Selling Your Unwanted Printer Cartridges

Condition of your Product

It’s important to make sure that you’re being quoted correctly for the condition of your product. Most surplus toner companies insist on pristine items, whereas we still offer top prices for items with minor box damage. Here are a few tips that will help you get the best price for your product:

  1. Choose the correct product condition when filling out the online form. We’re relaxed about minor dents and still pay grade A price, but open box and no box items will be quoted at a lower price respectively. See our Product Condition Guidelines
  2. Don’t open the box if it is sealed. We can offer better prices for sealed box items.
  3. Don’t remove security seals from the ink or toner. We’re happy to buy your open-box, unused items, but once the security seals are removed the item is considered used and becomes valueless.
  4. Don’t remove labels or stickers from the boxes. We have a process to do this which enables us to maintain a higher grade and means we can pay you more.
  5. Check any expiry dates. We can offer the best rates on inks that have 6 months or more until expiry. We do buy out of date inks, but these will be subject to a lower price.

Packaging Your Product, Ready For Collection

  1. Package your items carefully for shipment. Any transit damage caused by poor packaging will affect the grade of the product and, therefore, the price. See our Packaging Guidelines.
  2. Please make sure you’re available at the agreed collection time. Charges may apply if we have to rearrange collection.
  3. Contact us early if you want next working day collection. If your query is processed after 4pm, collection will take a minimum of 2 working days.

Is your Product Genuine, Compatible or Remanufactured?

It’s important to know if you have genuine, original products (also referred to as OEM), remanufactured products or 3rd party compatibles as this would affect the price. Genuine items will have the printer manufacturer’s logo on the box.

Remanufactured products started off as original products, but the toner or ink has been refilled. The box is completely different to the original and will be branded with details of the company remanufacturing the toner and the product itself will have the logo scratched off and the stickers removed from it.

Compatible toners are manufactured by 3rd party companies. We do buy both compatible and remanufactured toners, however, as they are usually cheaper to buy, the price we offer for them will be lower than for OEM products.

Ensuring Your Product is Not Counterfeit

Counterfeit toners pretend to be OEMs by mimicking the original product in its logo, branding and packaging. They are illegal as they infringe on the copyright and trademarks of the OEM and, often, the quality of the products is very poor. We will never knowingly buy counterfeit toners and, if discovered as counterfeit upon inspection, will not pay for them.

For more help on how to spot a counterfeit toner, we have provided some useful links from manufacturers’ websites. Please click on the relevant logo below:

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